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5 Steps to Growing Your Ecommerce Newsletter Subscriptions

newsletter ecommerce grow subscriptionIf you have an ecommerce website, you must have realized that it is extremely important to have a newsletter. It keeps customers connected to your website and coming back for more. With a newsletter you can also advertise your latest promotional material to your existing customers. A newsletter is the best way to keep customers updates regarding any discounts or new products. Increasing newsletter subscriptions is important because it has been known to directly affect sales.

However, getting customers to subscribe to a newsletter is not easy. Let’s look at how you can grow the subscriptions to your ecommerce newsletter in just 5 steps. Just follow them through and be amazed with the results.

Complementary Newsletter

A newsletter is exclusive and it should remain so. Apart from the weekly or monthly newsletter that you have, create a few complementary newsletters. Send this free newsletter in every email that gets sent to the customer for confirmation of their order. There you can add a link where the customer can subscribe to receive newsletters regularly. This way your newsletter not only remains exclusive but also gives the same feeling of exclusivity to the customer. You can also send a complementary newsletter to customers from your email distribution list.

Incentive for Subscribers

Give exclusive offers to subscribers. Since, the newsletter is exclusive, it should give the subscriber the same feeling. One way to reinforce this feeling is to add special discount offers to the newsletters for subscribers only. Be sure to advertise this incentive on your site so that people know about it.

Another way to use incentives to increase subscription is to offer free downloads on your website and along with the download, there can be an option to sign up for the newsletter. The same is also possible at the checkout. Make sure that this is properly highlighted. The last thing you want to do is trick your customers into subscription.

Advertise your Newsletter

This may be an obvious step, but also a very important one. Advertise your newsletter so that customers know about it. Talk about it on blogs, on your Facebook Page, Twitter and so on. You want as many people to know about your newsletter. The more people know about it, the more chances you have of growing your subscription.

Place the Newsletter Form Strategically

Make sure that your newsletter subscription form is strategically placed on your website. A key aspect is to make sure that it is above-the-fold. Secondly, the design of the newsletter subscription is also highly important. An attractive design will convert more views into subscriptions. Thirdly, make sure that you utilize excellent copywriting skills to create a form that compels the viewer to subscribe.

Create a Squeeze Page

Wherever you are discussing your ecommerce website e.g. forums, blogs, social networks, etc. make sure that you place a link to a custom squeeze page. This custom squeeze page will directly lead them to the newsletter subscription. Make sure that you come up with a creative URL rather than just mentioning that is a newsletter.



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