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How to Create an Awesome Ecommerce Facebook Fan Page

how to create ecommerce facebook fan pageAs if you didn’t have enough to worry about with your own ecommerce website, guess what? Now you have to worry about making sure you have an effective Facebook page for your company/website. Yes. Facebook matters more and more each day as users connect with friends AND brands. If you’re not active on Facebook, you’re missing on potential customers and a potential conversation about your business or products you sell.

Brands and and business are in a constant struggle to figure out how to really leverage a Facebook fan page or get more fans and likes to their pages, stories, etc.

So, how can you create an awesome effective fan page for your ecommerce business? Is there a formula?

BRAND YOUR URL:  If you have a facebook fan page that is www.facebook.com/fh87867fh then you’re already hurting brand wise. Make sure you set up your Facebook vanity URL to make it easiers for consumers to find you. This should be www.Facebook.com/yourbrand. Before you had to have at least 25 fans or likes to set this up, now it’s open to anyone as soon as you get a username.

CREATE A LANDING PAGE FOR YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE:  Remember when landing pages became a MUST in the internet scene, especially if you were doing PPC. It’s a cardinal rule today, that if you run a PPC campaign, you take users to a good landing page for better conversion rates. Well, now Facebook is like that too. You don’t want to drive users directly to your wall for the first time. They really won’t prompt any action from them, right? If you look at the bigger brands and what they are doing on Facebook, you’ll see they have a dedicated page (TAB) to direct first time users which usually prompts you to hit the LIKE button for a discount, promotion, etc.

ENGAGING POTENTIAL FANS: Make sure that once you start getting fans on your facebook page that you actually engage them. Put status updates that prompt responses or likes. Make sure you contribute and add content that will be of value to your users such as product news, industry news, statistics, etc.

SELL ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE: If you have shopping cart software like FORTUNE3, the software is already built in with features for you to add your store into Facebook in a matter of minutes, yes, it’s that simple. This is becoming a crucial step in Facebook as more users are actually buying directly through the platform.

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