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Best Time to Post on Facebook & Twitter Statistics

We know and understand how important social sharing means for our content. As the web expands, that also means that search engines (specifically Google) will start using various signals from different channels to make sure they are ranking the most authoritative sites on the web or making sure the best possible piece of content for a query is being served to its searchers. At the end of the day, that’s what will make Google the best product possible, the quality of its search results.

However, this post isn’t about Google but as always, you must understand everything ties in together as an online marketing strategy.

When you have a good piece of content, you want to get the most exposure and user engagement as possible. This means people will share your content on Facebook, Twitter, like a post on your Facebook page, retweet your tweet and so on.

Should I post in the morning? Should I post after people come from lunch? Wait…what about the different time zones? Are weekend’s not good days to post? What about on a Monday when everyone is just settling in? These are all questions we constantly ask ourselves as marketers to really try to get the most of our content from the social networks.

KISSmetrics released a great infographic that details the data on social media and statistics about shared content, when we should post, etc. To have the most amount of exposure is really all about your current social media position as well as timing.

Some of the key highlights from this info graphic that you should really pay close attention are the following:

*The best time to tweet is 5PM EST (U.S. time)

*1 to 4 tweets per hour is ideal

*The best days to tweet are midweek and weekends

*The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday

*the best time to share on Facebook is noon (Eastern Standard time, U.S.)

best time to post on facebook and twitter

So these metrics tells us a lot about the activity of social behavior in sharing content. If you want to get the most click through on your tweets, we see anywhere from noon to 6pm eastern is when people will interact the most with your link on Twitter.

When it comes to Facebook, the most effective interaction show 1 post every 2 days will get the most likes.

Nevertheless, while this is great data to analyze and look over, do your own test and see what you find most effective.

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