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9 Social Content Strategies to Boost SEO

social content sharing strategiesWe can keep talking about the same subject for days but its true, social is truly connected to SEO (search engine optimization.) The web as a whole is now connected and Google uses hundreds if not thousands of signals to rank website and you better believe social signals are strong within the Google algorithm and Bing as well (which powers the Yahoo search index.)

SearchEngineLand put out a great post about the types of social content you can create that can boost your websites SEO.
Let’s take a look at some of the content your company can be putting out to not only gain traffic but valuable social engagement that can lead to very good SEO (Links..yum yum)

1. MANIFESTO: A great example used here was the “Why I’m a Vegetarian, Dammit,” story which picked up about 14k shares on stumbleupon alone. Now you also have to be willing to bet vegetarian bloggers probably linked to this post.

2. CONTROVERSY: This will always pick up steam but it has to be a story of value. Present a good argument or position to a topic in your niche. The example used for this one was Warren Buffets op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich.”

3. TIMELINE: SEL presented this as the PROMISE but I believe content that has a time basis like “How to Decorate Your Home in 10 Days,” can really go well with readers.

4. URGENT ATTENTION GRABBER: This content is made so that the headline of the story really grabs the attention of the reader. Things like: “10 Can’t Miss New Years Events in New York City” can spread well through the tourist or New York City residents.

5. THE LIST: List are always good social reads. If you can make and create list in your niche about the top 10 best….top 5 most…etc. These list tend to have good social shares.

6. CONTENT/LINK LIST: With the vast amount of content on the web, if you can offer your readers a nice organized list of links (content) they’ll surely share it with those who share the same interest.

7. EXPERT: If you make yourself to be an expert (this will largely also depend on people believing you are an expert or a real authoritative figure in your niche) you can really have your blog post be shared every time you post something. When Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook or Warren Buffet about investing or the economy, people listen.

8. VISUALS: Post with visual aids (INFOGRAPHICS) tend to really catch attention and be shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and all the other social sharing websites. Try to create visuals to categorize data, explain demographics, etc.

9. INCREDIBLE STORIES: There are a lot of incredible stories out there, you just have to spend the time and do some research and re-write them and really make an effort to start the sharing process. Who doesn’t like an incredible story?

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