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Get Better Search Engine Rankings: Do More to Less

search engine optimization focus better rankingsSearch engine optimization (SEO) is something all ecommerce / online retailers place heavy focus on. The one thing about SEO is that sometimes we try to do too much. Why? We want as much traffic as possible to our website. Well, guess what? If you look at your business, it’s almost guaranteed that 10-15 of your products are the ones that most likely make 90% of your business.

So, what is the best SEO strategy to better rankings? We can go into hours of writing to really create a best SEO strategy for your business as search engine optimization is as complex as it’s ever been. There are hundreds of signals that Google uses and they literally change almost every day! YES! That is a fact.

Don’t concern yourself so much trying to follow the algorithm, as again, as stated above, it changes daily so it’s like fighting an ever changing tide.

The best SEO strategy is a well, diverse strategy on the PAGES THAT ACTUALLY MATTER. This begins with the following below.

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9 Social Content Strategies to Boost SEO

social content sharing strategiesWe can keep talking about the same subject for days but its true, social is truly connected to SEO (search engine optimization.) The web as a whole is now connected and Google uses hundreds if not thousands of signals to rank website and you better believe social signals are strong within the Google algorithm and Bing as well (which powers the Yahoo search index.)

SearchEngineLand put out a great post about the types of social content you can create that can boost your websites SEO.
Let’s take a look at some of the content your company can be putting out to not only gain traffic but valuable social engagement that can lead to very good SEO (Links..yum yum)

1. MANIFESTO: A great example used here was the “Why I’m a Vegetarian, Dammit,” story which picked up about 14k shares on stumbleupon alone. Now you also have to be willing to bet vegetarian bloggers probably linked to this post.

2. CONTROVERSY: This will always pick up steam but it has to be a story of value. Present a good argument or position to a topic in your niche. The example used for this one was Warren Buffets op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich.”

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Twitter Updates for Internet Retailers: Ecommerce Updates

how to use twitter for ecommerceIf you’re starting to grow a Twitter following, good for you! As one of the fastest growing and largest social network, Twitter can really benefit your brand and help drive traffic and sales to your ecommerce business. The question many online retailers have is, “how do we actually use Twitter and why?”

Let’s list some of the ways you can use Twitter and what you can do on your Twitter account to keep gaining traction and actually make it useful for your ecommerce business.

Deals and Sales Tweets: Consumers are online and shop online for one main reason, because most likely the product they saw in a store or down the street can be and should most likely be found for a better price on the internet. If you have a consumer following you on Twitter, that consumer is most likely interested in other things you carry if not the same product they purchased. Sales and deals Tweets helps the consumer keep updated with specials you have on your website.

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$6.2 Billion Week for Online Holiday Retail Sales

holiday retail ecommerce sales 2011If you don’t have an ecommerce store or not in internet retail, here is a great reason why you should want to get into ecommerce now!

While the market may be saturated with almost companies selling everything under the sun, you can still find great niches with relatively little competition. Yes…that still exists. As you know, the internet is relatively young and ever expanding to provide more space for newer competitors.

This past week, the week ending December 18, sales past the $6.28 billion mark, according to ComScore.

As Forbes reports, “The final online shopping weekend before Christmas, where shipping was guaranteed, reached $1.04 billion to rank as the second heaviest weekend of online spending on record.”

Internet retailers such as Target and Zappos are still offering pre Christmas offers as guaranteed shipping before Christmas and so forth. With these types of offers, it is crucial to see and understand why having inventory is such a big part of an internet retailer’s success.

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5 SEO Strategies for Your Ecommerce Blog

seo blog strategies ecommerceWe hope internet retailers know and understand the importance and impact a blog can have for your business. A blog can build serious presence, build a brand and get you the traffic you need to your website. A blog, as you may already know, is also a key component for search engine optimization.


1. Keyword Research: This is the most important or one of the most important aspects of building your blog. Keywords are everything when it comes to search engine optimization. If you’re not optimizing for the right keywords, you won’t be driving the right traffic or the targeted traffic you want to land on your website. Keyword research is something you have to know how to do and of course, a crucial part of SEO and its success. The best keyword research tool, still, is Googles Keyword Tool.

Related Article: How Competitive Are Your Keywords?

2. Link Building: If content is king, than linking is queen. With the right links, the search engines know your page, that specific page, is worth something. Think of links as votes. Now, if you have votes from authority sites (links) than you have a very important signal to your website which search engines will like, a lot!

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Branding and Social Media for Ecommerce: How To Use Social Media for Branding

If you’re an ecommerce company and you want to be in business for the long haul, not only do you have to really start pushing your marketing efforts to boost sales, but an underrated aspect of marketing for ecommerce start-ups is to concern their business with marketing.

However, the landscape of branding, both offline and online, has drastically changed in the past few years. Once the internet became as social as it has, starting really with Myspace, companies knew there was a great opportunity to really reach their followers or target audience. This was also a sign for brands to make sure to follow what’s going on and get involved in the conversation, especially if it was a negative conversation about their own brand.

AYTM Market Research has put out one of the best infographics that details how branding and social media go together in today’s web. The interaction by users between brands and users is as high as ever and will continue to increase as more information is shared through social channels.

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Email Button on Product Pages for Ecommerce

email a friend button ecommerceDo you have an email button (EMAIL TO FRIENDS, EMAIL THIS PRODUCT) on your product pages on your ecommerce website? This may be one of the more powerful tools and key elements on your product pages for marketing.

To be honest with you, I’ve never paid much attention or thought to the email button on product pages. I don’t mean pay attention to them in terms of me being a consumer but from a marketing stand point. I always saw it as another button where people would click but not really click on it if you know what I mean.

To my surprise, this button is a very powerful marketing tool and element on your ecommerce product pages. Ever since Google launched real-time analytics, I’ve been semi-addicted to watching the activity on websites. Real-time analytics from Google can really teach you a lot about not just a particular websites traffic, demographic, etc but user behavior. Though it may not yet show real-time analytics in regards to consumers clicking on social buttons, luckily the email button on product pages should be part of your website.

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Using Contest To Create Brand Buzz for Your Website

ecommerce contest brand buzzHave you tried sponsoring or doing your own contest on your website? If you haven’t, let me tell you, it is one of the most underrated methods of online marketing. A contest can really create buzz for your brand and is just a great way to get consumers interacting with your brand.

Besides contest being a great thing for your brand and buzz, believe it or not, a contest can have very positive benefits for search engine optimization.
If you create or sponsor a contest, you can see an immediate response in buzz. Contest now a days, with the social web, can spread quickly. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to really push contest.

So, you’re thinking, how can we (or I) create a contest? There are currently three contest platforms that I am aware of that can help you create and manage a contest for your website:

1. ContestCore: This seems like a very simple contest platform to use. The layout of their own site is great and seems very use friendly. You can request a demo and good for small businesses, brands, non-profits, bloggers and more.

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Difference in Online Shopping Behavior between Men and Women

men women ecommerce differenceMen are from Mars and Women from Venus, right? That’s the famous saying or a famous book. There is a distinction amongst the genders when it comes to shopping. Everyone always says women LOVE to shop, one of the oldest clichés in the world. You can make the case for a lot of men as well though.

However, it is true that the online shopping behavior for both is different.

PracticalEcommerce.com had a great post on the differences in behavior between the sexes. So you don’t have to swift through a bunch of information, I thought I’d get the key statistics and facts for you and put them in a short post for you to read through this information quickly! We know that’s how you like it!

Men tend to stick to their mission when shopping online, while women expand the undertaking by wandering among products and categories, according to a survey by Empathica, a customer experience consultancy.

Difference in Online Shopping Behavior: Men vs. Women

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How To Optimize Your Twitter Account

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Twitter is a powerful channel for online marketing. While you may not see an instant result from really focusing on Twitter, it definitely is a channel you want to build as it will pay dividends in the future, if not as soon as you start using it for your business.

twitter toolsMany of the smaller to medium size ecommerce merchants that do not have a budget for online marketing or social media don’t quite understand how Twitter works so they just leave it in the backburner for another day. Let’s list some of the things and tools you can use to start building your Twitter presence.

Twitter is one of the most visited websites in the world and if you’re trying to build your online business, building a presence on one of the largest social networks in the world without any real sign of a slow down is a good idea.


1. Use HASHTAGS: So, you’re selling Polo sweaters and have a great deal for the holiday season. While Twitter is of course keyword based and people do search the box for certain keywords, you would also add hashtags to organize your tweets so Twitter can display these tweets more prominently. Let’s say you wanted to send a tweet about your Polo sweater sale, you would write something like: Insane Polo sweater sale going on now! #polo #holidaysale and any hashtag you think is relevant.

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