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Google Organic Search Click Through Rate Statistics

Ever wonder what the click through rate is by rank position in the search engine? See how websites that rank in position 1-10 in Google differ in click through rate by position. We all know the higher your website ranks, the more clicks you’ll get…question is…how much more?

If you’re a company or individual that focuses on making sure your website ranks well for certain keywords, you know the value of that and that is why you do it. Some companies spend thousands of dollars a year in making sure they rank well other companies still don’t understand or see the importance of making sure they have a search engine optimization plan / strategy in place (this is starting to become less and less the actual case.)

organic search rankings click through rate

Ranking in the first page of Google for a keyword, especially a high volume searched keyword, can jump start any business. This is true. Ask anyone that ranks well for a keyword that many people search for…they will tell you they are IN BUSINESS.

You can start generating traffic to your website for desired keywords within minutes if you’d like. Just go ahead and set up a pay-per-click campaign and you’re off to the races. However, that will cost you money, of course.

Ranking in the first page of Google for keywords that you want will bring in the traffic, ESPECIALLY if you rank within the first 5-6 results.
In a study done by Slingshot SEO, they show the click through rate by rank in the first page of Google search which really shows us the value a page has in a certain position in the engine illustrated by the image above.

– 1st Position: 18.20%
– 2nd Position: 10.05%
– 3rd Position: 7.22%
– 4th Position: 4.81%
– 5th Position: 3.09%
– 6th Position: 2.76%
– 7th Position: 1.88%
– 8th Position: 1.75%
– 9th Position: 1.52%
– 10th Position: 1.04%

eMarketer reports, ‘Slingshot SEO found that clickthrough rates dropped from 18.2% in first position to 10.05% in second position to 7.22% in third position, and continued to diminish thereafter. Overall, just over half of search users click on an organic result on the first page, and more than half of those choose the first or second link.”

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  • http://zebraprintbedding.biz Rian

    CTR value as shown above are really true but when we make our title interesting in search engine even though our position at 4th we still have a chance to get bigger percentage

  • http://www.Ave25.com Rusty

    These CTR stats are very interesting. I’d like to know what the remaining 47.68% are doing if not clicking on these organic listings. What percentage leave without clicking and what percentage click on the PPC ads? Also, how many click on more than one listing, etc?