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What You Need To Run an Online Store

run an online storeAs the internet evolves to what is now the largest market place in the world, on a daily basis, thousands of people around the world open up an online store to try and sell their product in hopes of launching a successful business online.
Make no mistake, 2011 is not 2000. Times have changed and it only gets more challenging to run an online business with the amount of competitors popping up on the scene and trying their business luck on the internet. If you’re just starting your online business, there are things you need to know that you need to run an online store.

1. Domain: Of course, you need a domain! Go to websites such as Register.com or GoDaddy.com and register your domain now. This may cost you anywhere from $9.99 per year plus. Do not just go and buy any domain name. Put some thought into this because if your store starts to grow, before you know it, you have a BRAND on your hands. The domain will play a major role in your business believe it or not. Of course, you may already think that your domain will be your business name and it’s possible that name may be taken. If that is the case, you’ll need to rethink the name.

2. Shopping Cart Software: One of the most if not the most essential part of running an internet based business if you’re selling products online is your shopping cart software. This is the platform that will basically run your website and business for you. Of course, we strongly urge you to try the Fortune3 platform which we offer a 30 day free trial! Most of the functionalities you will need will be in the shopping cart software.

3. Products: If you do not have products, you do not have an ecommerce business. Whether you want to hear it or not, having inventory is really the best and most efficient way to run an online store. If you do not have inventory and drop ship your products, make sure you put the time and research to make sure you’re getting the most competitive pricing on those products as the internet is increasingly becoming more and more competitive.

4. Customer Service: You need to make sure that when you run an online business, in today’s web, customer service is everything. Make sure that you can take on customers and as your business grows, you need to grow your customer service department adequately. Make sure your website has a good CONTACT page and your phone number is visible throughout the website. Live chat is always a great option to have as well for better customer service and support.

5. Marketing Strategy: No business can run without marketing or advertising. On the internet, the opportunities to market, brand and advertise your website is truly almost endless. Do research to see how you can get as much exposure as possible to your website. The Fortune3 Blog is really an amazing resource for internet retailers for everything about how to run a successful internet business.

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