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Finding Affiliates for Your eCommerce Business

affiliate marketing ecommerceIf you’re looking to boost sales for your ecommerce business, one great method of doing so is by finding / recruiting affiliates that can give your products a push and market them well, may be even better than you can. Affiliate marketing is not easy and it’s something that you must be ready to take on and have the right resources if you want to make it successful.

You can choose two routes; you can either run your own affiliate program or you can go through a third party affiliate platform such as commission junction. These third party affiliate programs have thousands of affiliates looking to promote products and each the affiliate and third party company will take a piece of the action so you MUST have some good margins to work with on your products.

Regardless of what path you choose, there is a way of successfully running your own affiliate program and that is by contacting the top bloggers and websites in your niche who promote products for other websites or just build content and monetize their content with ads. If you see they monetize their website be either, you have a good chance at getting them to promote your products.

Key to signing up affiliates and getting them to push your products:

Healthy Comissions: You must have an attractive and lucrative payout for your product. If your percentage share is too low, they will not be interested in promoting and selling your product.

Trusted Site: If your website looks poor and doesn’t seem to have trust with consumers, they will not want to promote a product from such a website. Your website must be up to par with current ecommerce best practices.

Third Party Platform or Trusted Analytics: All affiliates are concerned to know that they aren’t being cheated from their sales and traffic. No one affiliate will push or promote your products if you aren’t using a trusted third party affiliate company or if you run your own affiliate program, they may want to see how it works first, etc.

Competitive Edge: Affiliates will want to see that you are very competitive in your niche and also some may want exclusivity to certain products.

Affiliates aren’t very hard to find. What is hard is the sales pitch to having them push your product. Again, if you do not have the time or resources to run your own affiliate program, there are many affiliate third party companies who you can start recruiting affiliates from day one.

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