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Facebook Send Button for eCommerce: The Power of Sending

We know how much we all love the Facebook like button on our product pages, our blog post, etc. Now, Facebook has just added another button which I think ecommerce retailers will love even more. The send button! Essentially, this is like the LIKE button 2.0 but serves a different purpose. The send button is more of a social sharing tool so you can send content to your friends’ profiles instead of just liking it toward your profile.

TechCrunch, a great technology blog has blogged about the send button and put out a great image by Orbitz of how the send button essentially works:

facebook send button install

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Teens Online Shopping Statistics: Apparel Category

Is your ecommerce business / online store demographic targeted to teens? See the trends of teens in the online shopping space and what the latest study shows related to teens shopping for apparel.

When we talk about teen spending, if you think about it, and this holds true, it is in the apparel category. Most teens in the United States spend more on apparel than any other category. “According to research from Piper Jaffray, 20% of US teens’ spending went toward clothing as of spring 2011, with a further 8% spent on shoes and 11% on accessories and personal care items,” reports eMarketer.

The research also goes on to show something that proves why social media is such an important aspect of an online marketing strategy. The study shows that the leading influence of purchases amongst teens was their friends. The internet came in second and TV and Magazines placed right after.

teen online shopping influence statistics

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Build Great Ecommerce Content with Customer Help for SEO

One factor that still holds true to the world of search engine optimization is that content is king. Without content on your website, most likely, you won’t rank well for the keyword you want to show up for. I use the word most likely because in reality, if you build a website that has an extremely low number of indexed pages in the search engine, you can rank without putting much of an effort into the SEO elements of the page itself.

Having said that, any SEO or online marketer will tell you how important content is in the development of search engine optimization. Building content is not always as easy as just sitting and writing some words down and hoping it makes sense to our product or service. Sometimes it is but many times, we’re just not sure what would make the best content for our pages.

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Which Search Engine is The Best to Advertise for PPC?

best search engine for pay per clickQ: I want to start doing pay-per-click advertising but not sure which search engine to start in. I don’t currently have a sufficient budget to use all three. Which search engine is the best to get the most sales and traffic?

A: That’s a great question. The only way to know what search engine will give you the best return on investment (ROI) for you to do Pay-Per-Click advertising is by actually starting a campaign in both Google and Bing.

The Google platform is called Google Adwords and the Bing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) platform is called Microsoft Adcenter. The great thing about the Bing platform is that it will also display your ads in Yahoos search engine.

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What Google Adwords Ad Position Converts Best?

One of the most important metrics to look at in the Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign is what position your ad is averaging. Do you know which Google ad position drives the most traffic and converts best? Here we look at some quick metrics that Google has put out in the Inside Adwords blog.

If you’re a Google Adwords advertiser, there are certainly many metrics to look at in order to create the most successful campaign possible. I’m sure we can all agree by not doing things right in a Pay-Per-Click campaign, we can spend a lot of money very fast without any return on investment.
One of the most important factors that will make a big impact on your PPC campaign which will greatly impact your clicks and sales is what position your ad is showing in the search results.

google adwords best converting ads

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Reaching Hispanic Demographic via Social Media

As one of the fastest growing demographic online, the Hispanic market is becoming a big focus for online marketers. Social Media is a great channel to reach Spanish speaking audiences.

One demographic many internet marketers and ecommerce businesses are looking to market is the Hispanic demographic. While most domestic online / ecommerce business is dominantly English, the Hispanic market is one of the largest growing markets online.

In a recent eMarketer article, they outline some Hispanic statistics and PR professionals believe social media channels are important to reach Spanish speaking audiences online. In a current survey report conducted by some Hispanic PR organizations, 69% viewed social media as somewhat or very important or reaching both Hispanic and mainstream audiences.

hispanic demographic social media

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5 Ways to Improve Google Adwords Ad Performace

If you’re a Google Adwords advertiser, there are always ways to improve your paid search performance. As much as the success of a campaign is about choosing the right keywords and having a very good landing page, ads are very important to the success of a campaign.

In the Google Adwords blog, they have a great post which outlines five ways to improve your Adwords ad performances. I’ll stress this point again. Optimizing your ads is just as important as anything else in your campaign.

1. Enable Sitelinks

google adwords sitelinks

If you don’t know what sitelinks are, they are the links that show up on the bottom the text ads. You only see these currently in ads showing at the top of Google results. There is now an extension inside the Adwords platform that allows you to turn this feature on. Again, it will only display if you show in the top result and can help drive traffic to the right landing pages. Google claims advertisers see a 30% increase in clicks with this feature!

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5 Website Credibility Factors to Build Consumer Trust

ecommerce trust signalsIn ecommerce, without having trust with consumers, your website is doomed for failure. Here, we list five quick easy ways you can build trust with consumers by displaying 5 trust signals for your ecommerce store.

In eCommerce, if you’re not a large known retailer, it’s not that trust is important, trust is everything. A consumer will not do business with you if they don’t feel comfortable buying from your website. It is your job to make sure that you make a consumer feel secure about purchasing from your ecommerce store. We’ve talked many times about trust seals and how much they can help to build trust with your visitors.

Today, we’ll talk about 5 credibility factors you should add right now, if not already, to make the consumer feel comfortable purchasing from your website.

1. Web Design: In order to sell well, your store has to look good. Think about this. If you go to a store and you see a store that is poor in look and inventory, are you going to buy from them? Chances are you are not. Treat your web store like a real store and make sure to make it look nice which does in fact trigger a trust factor with users.

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How To Add Shockwave Flash Animation Files To Your Website

shockwave flash animationYou can include flash animation / video anywhere on your page. This includes your template, your information pages (home page, about us, contact page, etc), and your product / category pages as well. The Fortune3 software includes a web editor that allows you to quickly insert the code necessary to display flash files and videos on your webpages.

Before the flash code is added to your webpage you must decide what type of page you will be inserting the code into.

1. To display flash on your template design (The flash file will display on every page), you will have to modify your template. Click on the “My Webpages” tab of the Fortune3 Wizard and click on My Template. Select the template you want to use and click on Modify As. You will be asked to enter a name for the new template. Click OK and the web editor will open up.

At this point a folder will have been created at the following location C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\Templates\nameofnewtemplate (Save the flash file into this folder)

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Online Marketing Trends for 2011: State of Search

SEMPO, the search engine marketing professional organization has put out a survey report about the current state of search and trends in 2011. We highlight some of the more important aspects of the survey in how companies are spending their online marketing dollars.

Without a sound online marketing strategy in place, you cannot have a successful ecommerce business. That’s to say, it’s important to have the right online marketing strategies in place to compete and also to stay on top of trends to be on the cutting edge of how people can find you and stay competitive with the largest companies in your niche.

SEMPO has recently released a report which outlines the state of search and what are the current trends among some 900 companies who actively market online and what they are doing.

By the first figure presented in the report, we can see that more and more companies are shifting online or companies are starting websites are the north American internet marketing industry will grow 16% in 2011.

Let’s look at some of the key findings and statistics as reported by WebsiteMagazine.com:

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