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Ideas of What to Sell Online

selling online ideasIt seems too many people want to start selling products online and start an eCommerce website but the one question remains for thousands of people on a daily basis, “what can I sell online?” There are literally millions of products in this world but it is still a hurdle to find a product that can have the right margins and sell well enough online to make a living.

Besides finding the right product, you obviously need to have some know-how of eCommerce to run a successful website. Nevertheless, this post here is about getting ideas of what products one can sell online to begin an eCommerce business and get off to the races.

Is there a specific process to thinking about what to sell online? NO. Everyone has different ways of coming up with the idea of what they would like to sell. Here is the number one, ready? SELL WHAT YOU LOVE. Easier said than done? Yes. However, this may just be the key to running a successful business. If you can focus on selling a product you love and are passionate about, chances are you will do pretty well as you’ll be very motivated and happy about what you’re doing.

Let’s take a quick example here. Let’s say you love shoes, right? Shoes are a very saturated market and it would be very tough to break in from the get-go and compete against the Zappos of the world. But, if you love a specific brand of shoe or a specific type of shoe, you just found yourself a niche that you can compete as you’re targeting a very specific consumer and can now have a more solid marketing strategy when it comes to search engine marketing. Going niche is very important to start and learn the ecommerce business as it will facilitate your business.

If you’re still having problems coming up with the product you love or you have found that product but don’t see it’s viable to sell online or compete, there are many sources online to come up with ideas and see what others are doing.

Using websites like eBay and Amazon are great indicators of today’s’ consumer, right? If you look at the best sellers on websites such as eBay and Amazon, you’ll start getting ideas of what people are looking for the most and that can really get your ideas flowing.

You don’t have to particularly look at those websites; you can look at any of the large online retailers and see where they are thriving. Every internet retail website, well most of them, have a best seller section, what’s hot, etc. Use these metrics to maybe come up with ideas about products you can sell.

Using a keyword tool to measure keyword searches is a great way to start the idea process of products to sell online. If you sit for an hour or two in front of a keyword research tool and start typing away product names, industry specific keywords, etc, keyword tools generate ideas of what people are searching related to the keyword you enter. The best keyword tool I can suggest is the Google keyword tool which is free and holds very valuable information.

One key thing to understand about the idea process of selling online is that your ideas don’t have to come from the internet. Offline is always a great way to try and figure out a great consumer niche. Consumer publications exist everywhere and a great resource to look for ideas.  These consumer publications may give you an incredible look at some niches you may have never even know existed.

What do the biggest companies in the world look for? Trends. Your idea process should include looking at trending products or a trending industry. Websites such as Trendwatching.com or Trendhunter.com may give you some excellent ideas about what is currently hot or may become a hot commodity for you to start researching the product and suppliers.

At the end of the day, the more research and involvement you put into your idea generating process, the more ideas you will have. It’s as simple as this: the time you put in will determine the outcome. Some people always ask what they can sell online and may just be waiting for the answer to come to them. In today’s market, research and analysis is very important. With the adequate resources, you’ll surely come up with an idea that can one day be a multi-million dollar business.

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