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10 Things Customers Expect From Your eCommerce Website

This post is written from a blog post on getelastic.com titled “top 10 things customers expect from your online store.”

Customer feedback is the most valuable data you can have for your ecommerce store. Your customers can literally guide you in the right direction to make sure you’re on the path to ecommerce success because there is no one that know what you need more than customers when it comes to factors such as pricing, etc.

So, what are the customer expectations when it comes to e-commerce?

Let’s list these in priority here:

1- Pricing/Shipping information clearly stated

2- Looks credible and trustworthy

3- Product homepage display

4- Visually appealing

5-  Total cost calculator (shipping, tax)

6-  Search function

7-  Privacy statement

8-  Online customer reviews

9-  Online customer service (live chat)

10-  Links to social network (twitter, facebook)

Some of these may seem obvious, some of these may not. If you’re in e-commerce in 2010, each of these factors is truly critical to compete with your competitors because believe you me, they have all these key elements on their website.

Let’s look at some of these and what they mean and what you can do about it.

2: LOOKS CREDIBLE AND TRUSTWORTHY: Have you been to a website to buy something and you thought about it twice because the website didn’t look trustworthy enough? What makes a website look credible and trustworthy? It’s all about having a PROFESSIONAL design and also credible stamps on your website from credible entities such as BBB. Some of the more credible ones come from:






8: ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: I’ve been preaching reviews for a long time because the most credible thing to an online consumer is knowing what other consumers think about your website and your product. People will leave reviews based on your companies customer service, product quality, product authenticity and so on. Having customer reviews can be the difference maker in a conversion.

10: LINKS TO SOCIAL NETWORKS: While many online retailers are still getting accustomed to social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, these social networks represent trust to customers. Why? Because they know that you are in the mix and in touch with your customers and that gives a big sense of relief that you’re not there for a quick and run sale and your engaging in talks for customer service with your brand and your products. Build social network profiles and always invite your customers to join them as they can keep in touch with you that way which will also lead to customer retention.

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