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You’re Losing $900k By Not Offering Users a M-Commerce Site

If you follow trends in online marketing and research, you know how important mobile has become in this digital age market. iPhone users and Blackberry users alike are using their phones to do research and shopping online on a daily basis now.

mobile ecommerceIf you don’t believe you’re losing sales, take a look at what Amazon did in sales going mobile. In the past 12 months, Amazon topped $1 billion dollar in sales!

“In the last 12 months customers around the world have ordered more than $1 billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device,” says Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos. “The leading mobile commerce device today is the smart phone, but we’re excited by the potential of the new category of wireless tablet computers. Over time, tablet computers could become a meaningful additional driver for our business.”

Turning your website mobile can make a big difference in this ‘mobile age’ when it comes to ecommerce sales. In a recent InternetRetailer.com article titled, “No m-commerce site? You’re losing sales-Big Time,” Bill Siwicki talks about your potential loss by not having an m-commerce version of your website for mobile users.

“OK, you don’t have a mobile-optimized site, and 5% of your traffic is bouncing—bouncing to some other retailer that does have a mobile site that enables these shoppers to buy then and there. Let’s be conservative. Say your average ticket is $100, the industry average according to Forrester Research Inc. Say your conversion rate is 3%, the industry average according to Forrester. And your monthly unique visitors tally is 500,000—a modest number among Internet Retailer Top 500 e-retailers. 5% (the percent of traffic coming from mobile devices) of 500,000 is 25,000. 3% (the conversion rate) of 25,000 is 750. 100 (the average order value) times 750 is 75,000.

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How To Optimize Your Video for Google Search Index

Millions and millions of people search for video on a daily basis worldwide on the web. If you’re someone who reads daily and keeps up with trends for online marketing, you know how valuable video has become to market your company and/or products. If you think making a 30 second clip of your product and uploading it on YouTube is a waste of time, THINK AGAIN.

The Google Webmaster blog recently published a post and video explaining how to optimize your video in order for it to get indexed by the engine and how it can be found by millions of searchers.

Here are the top 5 key elements of the video in order for maximum optimization:

  1. TITLE

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Top 10 Social Networking Websites in May 2010

Although this data is from May 2010, it is data that just came out for us to analyze. As eCommerce merchants, it is important for us to know where the majority of the market share is for us to put our resources into that channel of advertising/marketing.

If you have the time or resources, try to see if there is a strategy you can implement to hit every of these social networking channels as they are sure to drive some traffic to your website.

top social media websites may 2010

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Using Comparison Shopping Search Engines To Boost eCommerce Sales

We always talk about marketing on search engines via search engine optimization and pay-per-click to really take our ecommerce business to the next level. As well as search engine marketing, we also always place heavy emphasis on social media marketing as in 2010, you cannot have an ecommerce business and not be involved in marketing in channels where your audience is such as Facebook and Twitter.

Have you tried comparison shopping search engines? These shopping engines are the gateway for millions of monthly shoppers monthly to make their decisions and purchases. These shopping comparison engines are really one of the best channels to market when it comes to ecommerce as people are there for one reason, to shop for what their looking for at the best possible price or check out ratings.

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The Difference Between Your eMail Subscribers, Facebook Fans, and Twitter Followers

With so many marketing channels these days, three of the main ones for online marketing consist of email marketing and social media (Facebook and Twitter.) Do these audiences differ for your business? Do you have to send out different marketing messages for these channels for them to be effective to your marketing message?

A research study by ExactTarget called, “Subscribers, Fans and Followers,” suggest that there is little difference between these channels in how users interact and actually significantly overlap.

“Most internet users studied in April 2010 engaged with brands only via marketing emails, but nearly a third subscribed to emails in addition to being fans of brands on Facebook. The vast majority of social media fans or followers were also email subscribers.” States eMarketer.

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Increase Your Web Sales by Offering Better Customer Service

If you’re a regular reader of the Fortune3 ecommerce blog which really is a great resource for ALL online retailers worldwide, you’ll read a bunch of good solid information on optimizing your business in all aspects of design and marketing. As online retailers, our goal is to optimize every aspect of our ecommerce business and make it grow.

As we place much focus and emphasis on our design and marketing optimization, I think it’s fair to say that without providing good customer service online, all that may be hard work for a factor that needs to be on point in order to make your business grow and that is providing great customer service. The best example that is known throughout the industry for providing excellent customer service would be Zappos. Zappos is one of the worlds largest ecommerce company that recently got bought out by Amazon for over 1 billion dollars! The Zappos culture revolves around providing great customer service. When you ask people about Zappos, they shop there not because they have the best pricing, but because they provide superb customer service.

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Increasing eCommerce Product Page Conversions with FAQ

Today, we have a really good tip for you! Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our visitor/potential customer for a second and think about their thinking process when they are on our website debating whether to make a purchase or not.

ecommerce faqCopywriting on our product pages is super important and the content to support your product can make or break the sale, right? We must have sufficient content to support what we are selling because if we don’t, the internet is so big that the visitor will go elsewhere to get more information on the product. If you have the best prices online, then you just may be safe, but price isn’t always the determining factor when shopping online. We’ve talked many times about being an authority on the products you are selling, at least you want to give your visitor the illusion you are so they trust you more than your competitors.

When you are on a website about to buy something or want to buy something, you start browsing a little bit through the site to answer the questions you want in order to make your final decision that would be the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding a product. Some of the FAQs I’ve seen in sites I’ve worked with (eCommerce) are:

1-      Are your products authentic (if you sell brand name goods)

2-      What is the shipping time?

3-      What is your return policy?

4-      How much is shipping?

5-      Where is this product made?

There are MANY questions customers have and the best source to put a Frequently Asked Questions list together is your customer service team. Why? They talk to customers all the time and understand their needs and what concerns they have all the time. Meet with your customer service team, as I’m sure you already do, and come up with the most important questions that can be answered right there and then for the customers to make a decision and not leave your website or product page to keep browsing around.

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eCommerce Merchants Better Start Liking Bing As of…Now.

I think we all have mixed feelings when it comes to msn…I meant live.com…I actually mean BING. The search engine that came on the scene to ‘compete’ with Google did something that some expected, others never thought would happen and others just thought it was the only ‘real’ way it can compete with Google. If you haven’t heard by now, Bing will power both organic and paid search results on Yahoo. What does that mean?

Well…does 30% market share of search mean anything to you? It does to me and it should to you as well. Start concerning your keyword rankings on Bing and testing out SEO tactics that may have proofed to work better on Bing than Yahoo. The same goes with paid search. If you haven’t used Microsoft AdCenter yet, it’s time you get well acquainted as now it can be a serious source of traffic for your ecommerce business.

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eCommerce Facebook Applications To Take Your Business More Social

In the past we’ve discussed several Facebook topics/tips like 2 facebook ecommerce plugins and the value of a Facebook fan for your brand. Today, we’ll show you some applications that can take your online store to Facebook and directly sell to your fan base (if you already have one,) if not, it’s time to go to work.

From a great post on Practical eCommerce blog, there were 6 listed applications that will allow you to sell on Facebook.

1) VOIYK: Straight forward application which allows you to put products on your Facebook fan page and directs users (when clicking on the product) to the original source. It is said you can put your product listings from eBay and Amazon as well as your own e-commerce website. There is a 30 free trial and $69.00 per year after that which really seems like a good deal.

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10 Things Customers Expect From Your eCommerce Website

This post is written from a blog post on getelastic.com titled “top 10 things customers expect from your online store.”

Customer feedback is the most valuable data you can have for your ecommerce store. Your customers can literally guide you in the right direction to make sure you’re on the path to ecommerce success because there is no one that know what you need more than customers when it comes to factors such as pricing, etc.

So, what are the customer expectations when it comes to e-commerce?

Let’s list these in priority here:

1- Pricing/Shipping information clearly stated

2- Looks credible and trustworthy

3- Product homepage display

4- Visually appealing

5-  Total cost calculator (shipping, tax)

6-  Search function

7-  Privacy statement

8-  Online customer reviews

9-  Online customer service (live chat)

10-  Links to social network (twitter, facebook)

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