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10 Tips and Steps to Retain Your Customers for Your Website

Retail-eCommerce.com has a good article on how to retain your customers when it comes to e-commerce. As important as it is to turn a visit into a sale, it is equally as important to also turn a buyer into a CUSTOMER. I think for all e-commerce business owners, as a long-term plan it is essential to have a loyal following which those will be the people who spread the word by friends, blogging, etc.

1. Stay in touch and actively communicate

2. Diversify your communication tools

3. Encourage communication from customers

4. Make customer service a business priority

5. Make customer service a priority across all departments

6. Stay one step ahead of the competition

7. Stay competitive and relevant

8. Build a loyalty program

9. Be seen as an authority not only as an e-commerce site

10. Use commonsense

I think number 1 is your most essential priority to make sure you get it right. There is nothing more important then staying in touch with your customers and the best way is NEWSLETTERS. Newsletters can not only bring customers back but also bring many sales. From newsletter test, we’ve seen incredible conversion rates.

Follow some of those steps and you will be on your way to ecommerce success.

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