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Give Your Customers a Personal Touch

Although customers love shopping online, there is nothing more comforting for them to go to a store and shop because they physically see the help and they also see physical help available and just gives them that extra comfortable feeling about shopping.

Your customers SHOULD feel the same way when shopping on your website. They want to know who is helping them and not think it’s either an automatic response or see the same live chat logo they just saw on 5 other websites.

The GetElastic Blog has some great tips on “humanizing” your website which makes EXCELLENT points to give your customer that extra feeling of “creditability” to your website and your organization in itself.

Let’s take the example of the Live Chat. Many have the same live chat software which includes the same stock photos. In an example they show, Backcountry.com set-up live chat with a picture of the actual customer service rep so you see who is helping you.

live chat

Another great example they have shown is product reviews by the staff. Although this can show to be a bit biased, it still maintains a sense of personal touch to the consumer.

staff reviews

You can find ways to get creative and have your site more personalized to your organization to give the consumer that extra feel of comfortableness that they are shopping through a company with employees.

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